Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Belle @ Sounding Room

Sa Sa Art Projects are celebrating the recent opening of their experimental, interactive sound installation project entitled The Sounding Room at the iconic White Building with a special performance this coming Friday at 6.30pm. Their special guest will be Belle (pictured above), who'll perform an improvised dance piece, for which she is of course renowned. Belle brought the house down at Chenla Theatre last weekend with her 'My Name is...!' show. The Sounding Room has been co-designed and co-created with a range of local participants, and will result in a flexible space that will host a variety of events. These will include improvised performances such as Belle's and special events, where audiences will enter the space and be invited to participate in spontaneous, collaborative pieces. The Sounding Room is one part of their ongoing project, New Building, an experimental community art project that explores creativity and self-expression in the complex communities of the White Building, located on Sothearos Boulevard. The Sounding Room is on the 2nd floor between the 4th and 5th set of stairs.

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