Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Vann Nath's last wish

Vann Nath, the artist and human right activist, was cremated on Sunday. In film director Rithy Panh's funeral address, he said; "Nath, for all of us, you personified dignity. Your testimony goes beyond the Cambodian tragedy; it belongs to the history of mankind. Its relevance is universal. It raises a central issue about man and his accountability. Today we are left orphans, deprived of your wisdom. But you left behind you a profound legacy; your works, your words, your advice, your memories. And you live on in our dreams. Your spirit remains with us. We will never forget you."
Vann Nath's last wish to his family was to have his ashes placed in a stupa in his hometown of Battambang. His family needs to raise money to help fulfill his last wish. If you would like to donate to the memorial stupa for Vann Nath, Hanuman has set up a collection for his family. Please contact Kulikar Sotho on kulikar@hanumantourism.com for more details.



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