Saturday, September 17, 2011

See you later

The Phnom Penh Crown players at the airport before departure this afternoon
I'm off to Kaohsiung in Taiwan in a couple of hours with the Phnom Penh Crown footy team, as we attempt to make history and win the prestigious AFC President's Cup. Though my playing days are way behind me, and my duties are off the pitch these days, my lungs are still in working order, so if my shouting and screaming from the sidelines can will the guys to success, I'll give it my all. We arrive late tonight after a stop-over in Saigon and have a training session on the pitch tomorrow before we play our first game mid-afternoon on Monday. I'll bore you with more football stories as the next few days unfold.
Arrived in Kaohsiung at 9.30pm local time, after a 4-hour stop-over in Saigon and a two and half hour flight to Taiwan. I don't think the stewardesses on Vietnam Airlines smiled once. All five of the foreign teams here for the cup competition are being housed in the same hotel. With our late arrival, the players have been shooed off to bed and I'm watching the Barclays League on the tv. We have a team manager's meeting tomorrow as well as a training session on the pitch. Hopefully they won't clash.

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