Thursday, September 15, 2011

Ouch...I hate pain

More dental treatment this week. I hate the dentists. Not the actual dentists themselves, they are usually nice guys, but the thought of it. The pain as the needle sinks into my gum is etched on my psyche through numerous visits to dentists over the years. Especially when you get to my age you've clocked up quite a few visits. I use the Roomchang clinic here in Phnom Penh, they are not cheap at all though they are professional, clean, excruciatingly courteous and Dr Rithy is a very pleasant guy. We had fun getting him to pronounce the word anaesthetic correctly. I've just had a crown fitted after an old one gave up the ghost during a meal earlier this week. I had to get the treatment completed quickly as I'm off to Taiwan on Saturday for a few days, and the folks at Roomchang duly obliged.

Tomorrow night I'm off to see Preah Saing at the Chenla Theater, which is a performance by Mekala Arts as part of the Institut Francais Lakhaon festival. It's an adaptation, by none other than the wonderful Em Theay, of a traditional Khmer tale: The story of a child found by an giant in a snail shell. When the ruler of a neighbouring kingdom wants to marry his daughter, Preah Saing is part of the the story goes. Time to suspend belief for an hour or so methinks. Fortunately Rumnea is joining me so at least she can translate what I'm seeing, even if it doesn't make much sense. As as Em Theay is involved, I'm determined to show my support for this icon of the Khmer classics by showing my face.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Roomchang is the best dentists I have found in town. I tried Pachem a few times and wasn't impressed and ended up with some poor dental work being done.

The Dentist at Roomchang was able to identify the different work I had done in the UK, US and Cambodia.

They said the Cambodian work was not great but that the NHS/UK work was terrible and used materials decades out of date.

September 17, 2011 at 3:42 PM  

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