Tuesday, September 6, 2011

I'm a winner

My almost daily visits to Cafe Fresco in BKK for coffee or a sandwich paid off with a phone call from Annie this morning, to tell me there's a gift voucher waiting to be picked up. 1 free night at FCC Angkor, with a pool view. Thank you very much. That'll do nicely. And that's on the back of winning an umbrella, a t-shirt, a $10 voucher and a jigsaw-puzzle as part of the Cafe Fresco promotion that's been taking place for the last couple of months. Those FCC folks know how to look after their regulars and Annie is the best cafe manager that I know.

The Our City Festival program is now up and available on the festival website which I urge you to take a look at. It runs from the 8th - 18th of this month all over Phnom Penh with various exhibitions and events taking place. There should be something for everyone.

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