Saturday, September 3, 2011

Getting the message

The Messenger Band take questions at the end of their concert
I'm a fan of the Messenger Band so I headed to Meta House tonight for one of their infrequent appearances outside of their usual round of human rights and workers rights gigs. At their core they are an advocacy group taking their message around the country to educate, inform and entertain their audiences, who are usually garment factory workers and the like. In fact the half a dozen female band members were all former factory workers themselves, so they tell it as it is. They can sing to backing tracks or acappella, their songs are sad, some are less serious, all of them tell a story, and all of them are written by the band members themselves. They dare to talk and sing about topics that are often taboo including sex work and land-grabbing and deserve much credit for their brave and courageous stance. This evening's Meta House gig was two-fold. They got to sell their new CD, Life and Occupation, 7 tracks of their best tunes, and they also showed a short music video called No Choice, which sums up the plight of many girls from the countryside who work in the garment factories. And of course they sang half a dozen songs and shared the stage with a breakdancing troupe. More power to their elbow.
The MB girls singing Life of a Vagabond
The band begin with just 4 members on stage at Meta House



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