Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Fine line

I'm in the middle of a very serious international football competition at the moment so my focus is totally on that, hence my lack of normal-style postings. You'll have to excuse me as literally every moment is spent on football matters, from the time I wake up until I close my eyes with my head on my pillow. This might be tedious for some but for me, it's meat and drink. Effectively, I'm what war journalists would call embedded with the troops, as press officer for Phnom Penh Crown I do exactly what the team and management do, except don the football boots and actually get onto the field of play. Tomorrow's game against Yadanarbon becomes the biggest match of the season for Crown, as it will determine their status in this competition. We have 1 win already, a second victory would put us in the cup final, a defeat would likely see us going home early. It's such a fine line between success and failure. It rests on 90 minutes of football tomorrow night. I can't wait.



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