Thursday, September 29, 2011

Dining in history

Tonight I followed in the footsteps of one of the To Cambodia With Love contributors. As Robert Tompkins did for the article he penned for my guidebook, I too enjoyed a meal in the elegant and refined surroundings of the Restaurant Le Royal at the Raffles Hotel Le Royal, courtesy of their new director of sales, Gareth Walters. To an accompanying piano player, I took the 3-course degustation menu of salmon, beef tenderloin and creme brulee, washed down with a fruit cocktail as befitting my non-alcohol regime. Lovely steak, lovely surroundings. I'm a glutton for history and you are immersed in it when you are at Le Royal. I'm sure I saw Charlie Chaplin dining in the corner with Jackie Onassis, or was it that French thief and later Minister of Culture, Andre Malraux.

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