Sunday, August 21, 2011

Usual diet

I have been absent this weekend, not because I was incommunicado but because I didn't really do anything noteworthy aside from the usual diet of work and football. And more football. However, we are rapidly approaching the end of the footy season in Cambodia. We have two more weeks left of the regular domestic season, and if Phnom Penh Crown, my team, win one of their last two matches then we capture the league championship for the 2nd year running. It's important that we do, not only because we want to be the top-dogs in Cambodia, but it's also the ticket to join in the AFC President's Cup next season, a competition that raises our profile considerably amongst the Asian football community. After we complete our regular season on 4 September, hopefully by lifting the championship trophy, then we have a couple of weeks before we head to Taipei for the final round of this season's AFC President's Cup, where we are through to the last six teams. This is the third tier cup competition in the region though the kudos in winning it would be tremendous. However, we're up against some tough opposition, so don't hold your breath. Nevertheless, I'll be off to Taipei with the team and we'll give it our best shot.



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