Thursday, August 4, 2011

Sieve of Angkar

I think it's important to identify books to a wider audience that Cambodian survivors have literally wrenched from their memory and given us an insight into their trials and tribulations. There are many such books and I don't expect to register all of them but if you know of any that I haven't blogged, please let me know. One such memoir, is the self-published The Sieve of Angkar by Virginia resident Sovannara Ky, written with her husband Howard Glass. Ra was fifteen when the Khmer Rouge emptied Phnom Penh and through the turmoil of the next four years, she lost both parents and seven siblings as well as extended family members. She and her two sisters survived. After the Khmer Rouge regime ended, she headed for Thailand and eventually gained safe passage to the USA. Her 194-page biography was published at the end of last year and is available here.

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