Sunday, August 14, 2011

Football...what else?

It's been all about football, as usual, this weekend, especially with the Barclays Premier League restarting as well. It well and truly pissed down on Sunday and caused the C-League match between Naga and the Sea Sharks to be abandoned at half-time, with water covering the pitch, the deluge continuing unabated and fans sheltering under the grandstand. I'm having second thoughts about my television pundit predictions as the TVK commentators are taking the piss every time I get my prediction wrong. God knows what they are saying about my predictions on-air. The fact that the football federation has to pay the tv company to screen the matches, continues to make me scratch my head. How can the best game in the world, a religion in many parts, have to stump up cash to get the games screened live; it should be the television stations scrambling over themselves to cover the games. The world's going to hell in a handcart (whatever that means).

I'm putting you on notice that Our City Festival 2011 will be taking place from 8-18 September in Phnom Penh, for the 4th year running. There will be a stack of events including exhibitions, architecture, installation, public art, sound art, video art, dance, talks and films. I'm told the Khmer Arts Ensemble will be showcasing their classical dance works again, before they head off for a tour of the United States, as well as a bunch of local artists and more. I'll let you have the highlights of the festival when I get the info.

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