Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Coming up...

This coming Friday is the premiere of the contemporary dance performance of A Thin White Line at the Lyla Lagoon Sports Center, featuring the fabulous Belle and friends from 6.30pm. Free tickets are at a premium from those good folks at Amrita. Then on Saturday (3 September), the all-girl group with a cause, the Messenger Band, will give a live performance of their repertoire at Meta House from 7pm as well as showing their new music video, No Choice which tells the story of garment factory worker Vann Houn. The Messenger Band are garment workers themselves who take their message to the people, in both the cities and rural areas, where they sing and talk about social injustices. Director of the film is Kate O'Hara who previously worked with the Khmer Arts Ensemble and who is also co-curator of the month's Our City Festival that's taking place. Our City will start on 8 September with a launch at the Java cafe from 7pm. It will bring together a bunch of people and organizations to celebrate Phnom Penh, its heritage and culture. I haven't seen the schedule yet but it'll include exhibitions, performances, talks and tours offered to the public, free of charge. Java Arts will join with others ranging from ArtXProjects, French Cultural Centre, Heritage Mission, Khmer Architecture Tours, Khmer Arts Ensemble, Manolis House, Meta House, SaSa Art and many more. And over at the renamed Institut Francais (aka French Cultural Centre) there is the annual Lakhaon Festival from 10-17 September with a range of half a dozen plays.

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Blogger Ms Kate said...

Hi Andy nice to see you at MB's album launch on Saturday. Great event.

The full OUR CITY festival program is up on our new website for your !


See you at some of the events no doubt.


September 6, 2011 at 1:25 AM  

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