Monday, July 18, 2011

Not a pretty sight

The boxing at Olympic, it was pretty dark and depressing to be honest
Now I know I've bored you to death with blog posts about football when I specifically said that they would only be confined to my Kingdom of Football blog. So rather than talk about the Phnom Penh Crown Academy boys who were simply stunning in their match on Saturday morning and are definitely THE future of Cambodian football, or even mention another win for the senior Crown team who are leading the bunch at the top of the Cambodian Premier League, I thought I'd briefly touch on...boxing! Before watching the football at Olympic Stadium on Sunday afternoon, I spent half an hour watching some of the 570 boxers who are taking part in the 2011 National Boxing Championships, in the indoor volleyball court at the stadium. The tournament will run until 23 July and judging by the two bouts I watched, there will be a lot of cut lips and bruised egos by the end of it. In both bouts the losers didn't make the full five rounds of punches and kicks, ending up on the canvas nursing black and swollen eyes. It wasn't a pretty sight. In fact they looked way too young to box in an adult national championship but I suppose they have to start somewhere. This was the first few days of the competition, hence the small crowd you see in the picture above. They were pretty much family and friends of the boxers taking part, or early football arrivals like me. I've not been interested in boxing since Muhammad Ali packed it in and this won't convince me to start again either. Talking of the indoor arena at the Olympic Stadium, the 2011 WOVD Volleyball World Cup for disabled players will be coming to Phnom Penh again, starting on Saturday 23 July when Cambodia will meet Laos. This will be the 3rd time that Cambodia has hosted the event, with the hosts taking 3rd and then 4th place in the previous competitions. One familiar face will be missing with Christian Zepp no longer in charge of the Cambodia team but I'm sure the games will get big crowds as usual, especially if the home team can get off to a flying start.



Blogger GADAFFI said...

Nice one Andy. It good to see lots of sports going on lately and not just football. I hope other sports like basketball, volleyball, and athletics will come alive soon to give Cambodia the impetus to host the SEA games soon. I am really pushing for a National Sports Festival.

July 18, 2011 at 6:17 PM  

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