Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Never fail

Buggeration. My glasses just snapped in half. So off I rushed to the opticians, of which there are a remarkable number these days on every street in Phnom Penh it seems. I always use Phnom Penh Optics on the corner of Sihanouk Boulevard and Street 63 and they never fail me. Replacement frames and lenses at $20 a throw are a good deal in my book. I was in and out, including an updated eye test, in a matter of minutes. If I'd waited about an hour I could've had my new glasses on my face there and then. The choice of frames is staggering but I prefer lighter ones than the plastic 'geek/teacher' frames that they told me are so popular these days. I bought two pairs, slightly different in look, just because they were so cheap.
I bumped into an old friend the other day, Hak Sovanrak, who mentioned to me that he's looking for a job. So if anyone requires a very good chef, who has great credentials and can cook anything, western or khmer, then let me know and I'll put you in touch. I used to frequent the Red Orchid bar on Street 278 when Rak and his family were running the show. That is until he and his lovely family, wife Srey Thom, daughter Srey Keo and two younger siblings, sold up and moved back to their Chbar Ampov home. His CV includes 9 years at Hotel Cambodiana so he knows his stuff. He's a genuine guy and deserves a break.

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