Monday, July 4, 2011

Meta's month ahead

The start of a new month means a new programme of events at Meta House, here in Phnom Penh. I must admit I used to be a pretty regular attendee at Meta House though my visits have dropped off considerably. Despite their eclectic listings, it's now quite rare that something in their schedule really catches my attention. Regular re-runs of documentaries like Enemies of the People and Lost Loves for example, don't help. This month I'll pop round for the documentary called Red Wedding: Forced Marriage and Rape under Khmer Rouge, this coming Saturday (9 July). It's the story of Pen Sochan, one of up to a quarter of a million women who were forced into marriages under the KR regime. I still haven't seen Facing Genocide, a film following for Khmer Rouge Head of State Khieu Samphan before his arrest and involvement in the Khmer Rouge Tribunal. That will be screened on Thursday 21 July. The following night there are three new films under the banner of Khmer Cinema Night, which will give everyone a taste of what Khmer film directors are currently producing. I do miss some of the painting exhibitions that were such a feature at the old location, exhibitions involving Chhim Sothy, Vann Nath and many others immediately spring to mind, though I'm sure it's just a temporary blip. There are more venues opening up and exhibiting artworks around the capital these days, which is great news, but do I get along to them? - not as often as I should.



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