Sunday, July 10, 2011

In a rut

It looks like my weekends are getting well and truly stuck in the same old rut. The football season here in Cambodia has started again this weekend so it means that both my Saturday and Sunday afternoons are spent watching footy at the Olympic Stadium. I'm not complaining as it's my choice to watch all the games but it uses up the majority of my spare time so it means I'm not getting out and about as much as I used to. For example, I haven't got on the back of a moto and disappeared into the countryside for many months now, which is something I used to love to do. Nevertheless, football is in my blood, so attending the games at the near-empty stadium is like devouring your favourite sweets, once you start it's impossible to stop. I'm like that with Opal Fruits (or Starburst as they're called now - they will always be Opal Fruits to me). Watching the games in the hot and humid stadium is actually pretty tiring and its not uncommon for me to return home and fall asleep - it's either the heat or my age, I haven't worked out which one yet. I missed a film at Meta House last night because of exactly that. Living in this marvellous country does have its down-sides... and falling asleep is one of them.


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