Thursday, July 28, 2011

In my absence

The volleyball World Cup has been continuing non-stop but without my presence. Cambodia are winning so maybe I'm a bad luck omen, following my flag-waving antics in the defeat by the boring Germans. Two wins have given Cambodia 2nd spot in the group stage and they now play the semi-final tonight against newbies Sri Lanka, who have surpassed expectations. If Cambodia can manage another victory, then its the big one, against Germany in the World Cup Final, again, tomorrow night. But beating Sri Lanka is no foregone conclusion, even though Cambodia defeated them in the earlier group round. I can't make it tonight either, but will definitely be there if they can get through to face Germany. I wouldn't miss that one. As a Brit, any opportunity to put one over the Jerries shouldn't be missed. And for my adopted country, it would be the crowning achievement to win this competition. It would be great to see Cambodia hold their head high in the sporting arena.
There's a new community-based tourism project that is being officially unveiled next week, called Trapeang Roung, in the Cardamom Mountains corridor, next to the successful Chiphat project, both of which are under the Wildlife Alliance umbrella of support. As soon as I have more detailed information on the new project I'll let you have it, though it will be more of the same as Chiphat, so will feature trekking and mountain-biking opportunities for the adventurous, whilst helping the local community to prosper. You get the idea.



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