Sunday, July 24, 2011

House blessing

Part of the house blessing/warming was a series of dances from Belle (center) and her friends
Sunday's are usually spent watching football but today was different. I was invited to a house blessing ceremony by Belle and her mum, Nou Sondab, alongwith a host of friends, at their newly-built home in the countryside near Ang Snoul, about an hour from Phnom Penh. The journey there started out in bright sunny weather and ended with the heavens opening and a monumental downpour that looked set to flood everywhere and everything but finally petered out just as the official Buddhist blessing ceremony by a monk and achars from the local pagoda came to an end. Then it was time for food, chicken curry of course, followed by a series of dance performances by Belle and some of her dance team, to the obvious delight of the local village children who had heard the music and rushed to see what was happening. A very enjoyable afternoon, once we'd found the house in what can only be described as the back of beyond. A quick word about an exhibition at the home of Kanitha Tith, one of Belle's friends at the party, who is using her own home at Boeung Kak to show her most recent work to the public for the next week.
Belle and her mum are sat in front of the monk during the blessing
The monks blesses those present with water
A classical blessing dance from one of Belle's friends
Some of the village youngsters who came to witness proceedings



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