Friday, July 29, 2011

Exam time

A fighting scene in this morning's classical dance examination
I got to see a brand new Cambodian classical dance piece this morning, prepared by a 4th year student as part of their final examination at the end of their degree studies at the Royal University of Fine Arts city-center campus. I was invited along by Linda Hem, herself one of the country's leading dancers and a teacher at the Secondary School of Arts. Interestingly, the dance that was performed for the benefit of the faculty head and judging teachers, was only prepared after the student had arranged the singing and music as the first step. The dance movements and positions then follow the singing. The whole arrangement would've taken months to prepare. Fellow students and interested onlookers made up the audience, including Lost Loves actress and writer Kauv Sotheary, as the thirty minute dance was performed. Other 4th year students taking their final examinations in spoken drama and folk dance were to follow, on this the second day of the finals.
An elephant enters the scene - well okay, not a real one, obviously
One of the RUFA campus buildings. The campus was originally founded in 1918.
A statue in the center of the RUFA campus in the city center



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