Friday, July 29, 2011

Cambodia's pride

Tonight's scene at the indoor arena at the Olympic Stadium
They know how to spoil a party. I'm talking about the Germans of course. The indoor arena at the Olympic Stadium was packed full with 5,000 expectant Cambodians, and a few johnny-foreigners, all hoping to see Cambodia claim their first World Cup trophy, ever. Blow me down, the German team fail to read the script (their Khmer is probably as bad as mine) and power their way to a two-hour long 3 sets to 1 disabled volleyball WOVD World Cup victory that leaves everyone deflated, except for their overblown ego's as they celebrated with the dozen German fans in the audience. The Cambodian players had bust a gut to retrieve the situation after losing the first two sets. A see-saw 28-26 third set went in their favour and as the fourth set ebbed and flowed, disaster struck. Sang Veasna, the best Cambodian player by a country mile over the last three World Cups, went down in agony clutching his leg and the belief literally flowed out of his teammates. Their talisman was out and so were they. Even another spot of flag-waving in the 3rd set from me was to no avail. The boring Germans win again, deservedly so, but where's the fun in that. I doubt many people in Germany give a fig for their volleyball team, whilst in Cambodia, thousands were on their feet in the arena and tens of thousands more were watching events unfold on television, egging their heroes onto victory. It wasn't to be. Make no mistake though, Cambodia is proud of its team, they've shown they are true competitors, both in sport and in life.



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