Sunday, July 17, 2011

Beating with a Pulse

Tony Brown (left) of Pulse Beat with his brother Selwyn
Anyone who knows me will be aware that I'm a massive (understatement) fan of the British reggae band Steel Pulse. Now that I'm living in Cambodia, getting to see them play live has become a bit of a problem. Unless I travel halfway around the world, it ain't gonna happen. Even when I was residing in the UK, gigs in the homeland were few and far between. Fear not. If you are a Steel Pulse fan, living in Birmingham, their hometown of course, and you need to get your Steel Pulse fix, I recommend seeing Pulse Beat at a venue near you. In fact, Pulse Beat performed at the Simmer Down reggae festival at Handsworth Park on Saturday playing such classic Steel Pulse songs like Handsworth Revolution, Roller Skates and Brown Eyed Girl. As you might've guessed, Pulse Beat are a tribute band to the legends that are Steel Pulse. And leading from the front, as the main vocalist, is Tony Brown, the brother of Steel Pulse's founding member and keyboardist, Selwyn Brown. Now that's what I call keeping it in the family. Tony, usually fronting the band Icon, is joined by Paul Beckford on base guitar, normally playing with Gabbidon, Vince Pierce on keyboards, Clive on percussion and Bev Blisset as backing vocalist. From the band New Direction, members Dave Lewis on drums, Alvyn Linton & Trevor on guitar and Celia Porter as backing vocalist, make up the usual Pulse Beat line-up. From time to time, they are joined by former Steel Pulse legends such as Selwyn himself, Grizzly Nesbitt on drums and lead guitarist Basil Gabbidon. The latter two will join Pulse Beat at their next gig, in Victoria Square, Birmingham on 23 July for the Jamaica Live Festival. They are well worth checking out if reggae classics are your thing.

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