Sunday, June 12, 2011

Naughty monkeys

A few of the monkeys on St 102 who have been shipped off to a new life in Koh Kong
Phnom Penh residents around Wat Phnom and the Post Office area will be pleased to hear that the 'naughty monkeys' that quite literally terrorize the locals and passing tourists have been rounded up and shipped off to a forest in Koh Kong. The authorities used tranquilizer darts to subdue some of the monkeys, though it was the bigger, fatter ones that caused the most concern. "They are dangerous macaque monkeys. They bite people and tear up roofs and destroy electrical cables and poles. We have a hard time in getting them because they are a big gang of naughty monkeys," said the commune chief. Initially the captured monkeys were taken to Phnom Tamao Zoo but they refused them as they were scaring visitors, hence the hand off to Koh Kong province. The monkeys have long been a problem at Wat Phnom where the attraction of easy pickings from tourists and locals alike was a magnet for them. Residents around the Post Office area also had to keep windows and doors locked to avoid the pesky primates from stealing.
Someone who isn't a naughty monkey is Maggie Eno. In fact, far from it. She's just been recognised for her sterling work with the charity organization M'Lop Tapang since 2003 with one of the highest awards by the United Kingdom, the MBE, announced yesterday in the Queen's birthday honours list. Hats off to Maggie for this prestigious award and recognition of her efforts.

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