Monday, June 27, 2011

A legend unfolds

With the drama unfolding in the Khmer Rouge Tribunal courtroom outside Phnom Penh today, there were finishing touches being added to a new film theatre in the city center at City Mall, next to Olympic Stadium. Expected to cater for expats and educated Cambodians, the Legend movie theatre will attract its audience with the latest Hollywood blockbusters, with prices starting at $4 a time, in much more comfortable surroundings than found elsewhere in the city. The theatre is costing $1.5 million to build and will have 3 screens, 300 seats and will open on 7 July with the film Transformers 3, part of which was filmed in the Kingdom. I must admit to not being much of a movie-goer or watcher and its obvious that the theatre will take some time to bed-in especially as new films are usually available on DVD for very cheap prices in the video stores around the city pretty quickly after their release. However, if they can make the movie-going experience something special for the audience to enjoy, then it might have a chance of success. Certainly, the number of upwardly mobile Khmers who can stump up $4 for a ticket is on the increase.



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