Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Kethya makes the move

Chey Chankethya (right) teaching one of her students at the School of Fine Arts in January
On the dance front - I haven't said that in a while with all this football going on - the first-ever Cambodian dancer to get the green light for a Fulbright scholarship has packed her bags and headed over to the States. For the next three years, Chey Chankethya will study at the University of California in LA, towards her master's degree in choreography. At 26 she's already a veteran of countless contemporary dances here in Cambodia and across the globe, having originally trained in classical dance, as a student and then a teacher at the Secondary School of Fine Arts. The Fulbright program is funded by the US government to allow foreign students chosen for their academic record and leadership qualities to study in the States. Chankethya began her dancing life at the age of six and graduated in 2005. She also holds a BA dgree in English and as one of the country's top classical dancers has performed internationally for many years before turning her talents to contemporary dance, leading a group of nine dancers in her own ensemble, Trey Visay (Compass).



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