Wednesday, June 22, 2011

For bookworms

A couple of new books on Cambodia have just reached the bookshelves with another, long-awaited one, due in November. Let's mention the latter one first. Vendrome Press will publish Temples of Cambodia: The Heart of Angkor (above) soon enough. Written by Helen Ibbitson Jessup and with photos by Barry Brukoff, this 248-page coffee-table tome has nearly as many photos and will set you back $65 no less. It's been due for quite a while. Already out is a novel called Chan Kim by author Ilan Herman, a 372 page novel containing bits of mainstream fiction, romance and magic and centering on a survivor of the Khmer Rouge years. Fresh out the door just two days ago, is the first-ever Eyewitness Travel Guide to Cambodia and Laos by DK Publishing on their special flexiback paper. These guides are very popular, swish and slimline, both the book itself and the information it presents. A pity they had to team up with Laos though.

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