Sunday, June 5, 2011

CSP back in town

CSP on stage at Mao's
Last night saw the Cambodian Space Project back in town and strutting their stuff in a new music location for me, Mao's Bar, along the riverside. To be honest, there were too many television screens flickering away for my liking and one massive screen behind the band was showing some inane crap whilst they were playing, which was distracting. The audience was a good one, though I'm not sure how many were actually listening to the band. The short skirts of the waitresses are quite an alternative attraction. I much prefer Equinox as a live venue, where CSP will return on Saturday 18 June. The band whizzed through their excellent repertoire in two sets, with the crowd eventually coming to life and dancing towards the end. The band also had two new faces on sax and horn, but with CSP that's about par for the course. Great to see them back on stage and looking forward to the Equinox gig. I'm in Singapore the few days beforehand and hope my flight gets me back in time.



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