Monday, June 20, 2011

Can we forget today please?

What an absolutely crap day. I'll explain more later but being beaten 4-0 by your nearest rivals and playing like a bunch of tarts makes it a day to forget as quickly as possible. Days like these, I really hate. If only the ground under my feet would swallow me whole.
Crown coach Bouy Dary was expecting more from his team than he got this afternoon
Okay, I've calmed down a little from my earlier tantrum. Phnom Penh Crown lost 0-4 in Singapore against a very good team last week. This afternoon we met Naga Corp and suffered the same scoreline, but against a team who are practically a one-man show, and we allowed it to happen. We knew exactly what to expect and we still failed to stop it. That's the galling part of it. Okay, so the pitch was a shit-tip after the federation changed the venue at short notice, and the referee was so one-sided he was practically leaning over, but they are just excuses. We have to look inward and ask ourselves why we didn't deal with the situation professionally. Everyone says we are the top team in the country but we looked far from it in the first 45 minutes today. A long way short. Naga were up for it today and we looked half-hearted at best. Some will moan that we don't have a coach at the moment, and that's the reason, but that's crap. The players are the same players who went unbeaten for the first 7 games and who won through to the finals of the President's Cup, they know the drill, they are being coached in the interim by someone who knows what he's doing, so it's actually the players who must stand up and be counted, now, when it matters most. They can still redeem themselves and go into the mid-season break at the top of the table, if they beat National Police on Saturday. If they play anything like they did today, then that will be a tall order. To be honest we need the break, we've played a lot of games over the last few months and in Singapore and this afternoon, we looked jaded. We need one final spurt and then they can rest.



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