Saturday, June 18, 2011

Back to face the music, or not

A final photo before we left Singapore. LtoR: Kouch Sokumpheak, me, Thul Sothearith, Phoung Narong.
Just woke up after falling asleep and I've missed the Cambodian Space Project gig at Equinox tonight. Darn it. My body must be telling me something. I arrived back from Singapore at lunchtime and went straight to the two C-League football matches at Olympic Stadium this afternoon. I could feel myself dozing off whilst watching. The Singapore trip - I went as one of the 24-person strong Phnom Penh Crown squad and support staff - was good, apart from the result of course. I won't bore you with that again. Last night we all went to watch one of the other Singapore Cup matches, with a team from Thailand playing a Burmese team, who were also staying at our hotel. The Burmese team, Okkthar, won and were cheered to victory by a very vociferous crowd. Goodness knows where all those Burmese fans came from, there must've been nearly a thousand of them. My mobile phone died on me whilst I was in Singapore and without a watch (I don't own one), I went through most of yesterday without knowing the time. I take the time for granted but when I didn't have it yesterday and again this morning, it was really quite disconcerting. The television wasn't any help, nor was my battery-challenged laptop, so I rang the hotel switchboard at regular intervals to find out the time. I've just heard that Crown's next two matches have been switched from the Olympic Stadium to the Army-controlled Old Stadium, where the pitch is sub-standard, to put it nicely. We play Naga in the season's most anticipated match on Monday afternoon and we have to play on a pitch that would be out of place even in parks football back in the UK. The football federation here continue to astound me with their behaviour.

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