Wednesday, June 8, 2011

All the way from Canada

It took a month to arrive from Canada according to the postmark but a very welcome gift came in the form of a personally signed copy of Madeleine Thien's hardback novel, Dogs at the Perimeter, today. Published by McClelland & Stewart, this is Madeleine's second novel, the first was titled Certainty. Last year she received the Ovid Festival Prize, awarded each year to an international writer of promise. Her book has a Cambodian theme running right through the center of it and I'm looking forward to reading it, especially as it came direct from the author herself. The heroine of her latest book was a child in Phnom Penh when the city was emptied by the Khmer Rouge and in seeking answers to another person's disappearance, she returns to Southeast Asia in search for her own past.
I popped over to the Olympic Stadium this afternoon for yet another game of football. This time it was my team, Phnom Penh Crown beating the Cambodian U-19 team 6-1 in a friendly match. After the game it was back to the Crown Sports Bar on Street 200 for a bite to eat with the Crown squad as well as watching a couple of dvd's of matches played recently by our Singapore opponents, SAFFC, whom we travel to face in Singapore next week. Always good to know your enemy. SAFFC are known as one of the top sides in Singapore so we'll have our work cut out to make it into the 2nd round. The last time we met them we lost 8-1.

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