Thursday, May 12, 2011

Views on Cambodia

I mentioned it earlier in the week, so above is part of Gordon Ramsey's Gordon's Great Escape television programme that was shown for the first time on Channel 4 in the UK on Monday. This YouTube video includes a feast fit for royalty, which I attended and spotted myself in the background a few times. At 14 mins 11 seconds of the clip, you can see me suggesting his words flew straight over my head, immediately after Gordon Ramsey utters the words, "fucking piece of shit!" I don't believe he was referring to me, but I could be wrong.
Two very different written articles on Cambodia. One by well-known British newsreader Michael Buerk, who I spotted at the FCC with his wife in Phnom Penh a few months ago during his trip, after which he wrote this article for the Daily Mail Online, here. In Buerk's own words; "Cambodia is utterly beautiful, its people are charming, its heritage unequalled." I have to agree, wholeheartedly. The next article is about a wildlife pioneer, the head of Wildlife Alliance in Cambodia, Suwanna Gauntlett, who appears in a series of photos saving various creatures and giving the low-down on her organization's good works. You can read more about her story here.

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