Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Ronnie's story

Ronnie Yimsut's personal journey from the death and destruction of the Khmer Rouge era to a new life in America, Facing the Khmer Rouge - A Cambodian Journey, will be published in November by Rutgers Press, with a foreword by David Chandler. Reviews for the 288 page memoir include this one from fellow survivor Loung Ung; “Facing the Khmer Rouge is beautifully written, informative and heartbreaking. Ronnie Yimsut’s prose reads like poetry, vivid and captivating; and chock full of crisp details and imageries. With each turn of the page, Yimsut pulls readers deeper into his emotional and spiritual journey through his years of war and horrors. Yet, his story of love, family, and country, told in a soft, meditative voice—also breathes of forgiveness and healing. Facing the Khmer Rouge is a courageous memoir, and one that undoubtedly will leave Yimsut’s readers believing in the best of man’s humanity to man.” Over two dozen books have been published by survivors of the Khmer Rouge genocide and Craig Etcheson, one of the foremost experts on the KR regime says; "None of these existing works, however, embody the immediacy, range of experience, raw emotion, and drama found in a new offering by Cambodian-American Ronnie Yimsut..... There is no finer first-person account of what it means to be a survivor of the Khmer Rouge genocide.” High praise indeed.
Ronnie is an author and activist and has been the subject of independent documentary films and reports by CBS News, NBC News, and PBS, among others. His many written works include Journey to Freedom and In the Shadow of Angkor. A senior landscape architect for the USDA Forest Service, he is also involved in national and international NGOs, including Project Englighten, through which he is working on Bakong Technical College in his native Siem Reap.

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I need to ship you a signed copy. Sorry, we only have four advanced copies while I was in PP (all two days spent in ECCC next to other VIPs)November 2011 for case 002. Two copies went to ECCC senior staffer, one to DC CAM, and one copy went to Center for Khmer Study's library in my actual old school building in Siem Reap. Will catch up, dude! Ry

February 28, 2012 at 11:20 PM  

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