Sunday, May 15, 2011

The great and the good

The lady of the moment, Vuth Chanmoly
The wedding party of the year took place at Koh Pich tonight or that's what you might've thought if you saw the guest-list. I've known Vuth Chanmoly for a while, as she's the best friend of Sam Savin, and both have been leading classical dancers for the royal Cambodian ballet for many years. So that's how I got my invite for Moly's wedding to Kiriya. Hundreds of the well-connected came as well including faces I recognised ranging from Sok An, the deputy prime minister, to Krum, the Charlie Chaplin-like comedian, from leading singers Him Sivorn and Ieng Sithul to a host of television personalities. And of course, Princess Bopha Devi was there too, surrounded by all the great and good of the classical dance world, past and present, including Moly's mum, Soth Somaly, another star of the dance establishment. I sat with Sam Sathya, the leading prima ballerina in Cambodia, who like Moly has tried her hand at contemporary dance after a life in the classics, and who is off to the USA soon to perform in Khmeropedies again. Moly graduated from the royal university of fine arts in 2003 and has toured with dance troupes throughout Asia, Europe and the United States, as did her mother before her. She also appeared in Where Elephants Weep and other contemporary productions as well as working with Bayon TV as she's expanded her horizons. After today she has a brand new engagement, this time with her husband. I wish them the very best.
Sam Savin with her very smart son, who said he recognised me off Facebook!
The wedding party was full of beautiful and talented classical ballet dancers. Here's just some, with Sam Savin in center.

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