Friday, May 13, 2011

Equinox gig

As I type the Cambodian Space Project are getting ready to perform in Siem Reap and there's talk of them taking up a musical residency at the new happening spot in the town, at the 1961 art-hotel-thingy (near the River Garden guesthouse). Never fear, they will be back to Phnom Penh soon enough and have a gig at Equinox on Street 278 lined up for Saturday 18 June at 9pm. I hear Equinox have installed some air-con units, so it shouldn't be as hot as it was a few weeks ago at their last gig. CSP will have their first album out very soon and are off to Vietnam in July, before heading to the UK in September.
It's all getting very messy over at the Khmer Rouge Tribunal just as case 002 is set to begin next month, with judges threatening prosecutors with contempt for telling it as it is, cases 003 and 004 looked doomed to fall flat on their face mainly because the powers that be don't want them coming to trial, the reputation of the court itself looks decidedly dodgy at the moment, whilst the saddest note of the whole sorry affair this week was the untimely passing of the court's public face in recent times, Reach Sambath.



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