Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Brekkie on the riverfront

My breakfast buddies: LtoR: Gaye Miller, Hom Chhorn, me, Tim Purdie, Andrew Blogg
I never eat breakfast unless I'm staying in a hotel or it's free. Today was a rare breakfast occasion, primarily because it was a freebie courtesy of the team who are currently in the country making the documentary film In Search of Camp 32. They are here from Australia, in the capital first to make contacts and connections and then will head up to Battambang province literally in search of the former Khmer Rouge campsite that Hom, the central character of the film, and his family spent time at. Camp 32 has never been officially recognised and they intend to change that with their ongoing research and the documentary. They picked my brains (what little I have) over eggs and bacon and we found out that we have friends in common such as Tim Pek, Rithy Dourng and Jimi Lundy (all Melbourne based) amongst others. You can find out all about their project here, it was great to finally meet Gaye Miller and the rest of the team, enjoy a Blue Pumpkin breakfast for the first time and I'm looking forward to seeing the results of their labours in due course.



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