Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Black Roots reform

How the heck did I miss this? One of my all-time favourite reggae bands from the UK, Black Roots, who hail from Bristol, reformed after 25 years for a gig in their hometown last December and have also put out a new website. This is what Jabulani Ngozi, the band’s rhythm guitarist, had to say. “We seen a lot of old faces, still running and jumping and singing along like we hadn’t gone anywhere.” Ngozi is writing songs again, and hopes to have a new album out by the end of the year. “Music is what we do, man. To uplift other human beings, to show them what life should be,” he says. Also in September a Reggae Singles Anthology from the band will be released by Bristol Archive Records. They recently put out a Bristol Reggae Explosion 1978-1983 album that hosted three Black Roots tracks, namely Bristol Rock, Tribal War and Juvenile Delinquent. It's fantastic to see this incredible band get back together again and perform live, as you can see from the video clip above, released by their own record label Nubian Records. You can keep up to date with the band at their new Nubian website. And of course you can read the Black Roots story on my own website. I've just this minute heard that the band are due to play again, this time sharing the stage with Aswad, at the Bristol VegFest UK on Sunday 29 May. I may even be tempted to make my first trip home in four years to see the band play live.



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