Saturday, April 2, 2011

Weddings galore

Rumnea, with a smile to brighten any day, wearing her av pak blouse
A nice start to the day, as Rumnea popped by on her way home from an early wedding breakfast of one of her workmates, dressed in all her finery, which she makes herself. The wedding season is still ongoing and with so many invitations, she's had to work extra hard to make her own dresses and colourful tops, as preparing your own clothes saves a considerable amount of cash. She began a new job yesterday as the accountant and administrator at a small company, having moved on from her previous job as a seller of computer software. She is very close to completing her batchelor degree in accounting, so her new role is more in tune with her skills-set. It was just a quick visit, as I was already out of the door on my way to work, but we'll hook up again tonight to join the evening wedding party at a restaurant in the city. Another dress will be unveiled tonight as well, for Rumnea that is, not me.
Rumnea with her self-made wedding attire of av pak blouse and sampot hol skirt



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