Sunday, April 10, 2011

Wedding fever

Rumnea and myself at tonight's wedding party celebration
Guess what? Yes, you got it, another wedding party tonight, this time it was a mixed event with Belgium man-about-town Philippe marrying his Khmer sweetheart Thearith. Instead of the usual eight-course meal, the happy couple provided a buffet supplied by Blue Pumpkin, so the food was particularly noteworthy, as was the location, Gasolina, and set against a background of one of the better musical acts on the wedding merry-go-round. I've known Philippe for a while as he's the advertising go-to man for the popular Pocket Guides, so it was the least I could do to celebrate his nuptials. I reckon 95% of the barang men were accompanied by Khmer ladies, and why not. I was one of them. As the rainy season approaches, the wedding invites should dry up pretty soon. Though of course, my own, won't be happening anytime soon after the government recently banned marriages between foreign men and Khmer women if the guy is over fifty. I'm 51 so I've missed that particular boat.
The groom and bride circle the cake table three times, followed by their attendants



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