Thursday, April 28, 2011


The lovely ladies of Tuol Kork: back: Vourch, Alis, Sokrum, Thida; front: Ara, me, Lina
I found another photo, above - most of my pictures from my earlier trips to Cambodia are prints rather than online or digital and so aren't readily available to post - and it brought back even more great memories of my yearly trips to Cambodia. This picture is from a visit to the TaTa restaurant in Prek Leap, just over the Japanese Bridge, from December 2000. A dozen of us went for a slap-up meal with all the trimmings and the cabaret show and guess who ended up paying. I must try and get my prints onto my pc so I can post many more of them onto my website. Scanning each photo used to take me forever which was why part of my Cambodia Tales stories are just that, stories without the accompanying pictures. It was, and remains, a work in progress but other things come along and take precedence and the job was never finished. The story of my life.

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