Friday, April 29, 2011

Phea's big day

Now wed, Phea and Channa before the confetti walk
700 guests at Phea's wedding tonight. A big occasion for him and his bubbly new wife, Channa. Good food, free flowing whiskey (not for me of course, I'm practically teetotal) and dancing to Madizon (old and new versions), Twist, Saravan and the rest. As usual I was the only foreigner. Met up with some old friends including Vourch and Sarein, Tima, Neang and the lovely Ara, though Lina, Kalyan, Rina, Vicheka, Alis and others were missing for a variety of reasons; Lina's excuse was that she gave birth to her daughter just a month a go, and I think that's a good enough reason. At my age it was good to give the bones a good rattle, though they should get another jangle at the Cambodian Space Project session tomorrow night at Equinox.
Proud parents, Phea and Channa on stage
Some of the younger party-goers with flower petals at the ready
Auntie Vourch (left) and best friend. Vourch makes the best chicken curry in Cambodia.

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