Thursday, April 21, 2011

Perfect strangers

Tuyen and Huyen (stripes) and their smiles, outside the Sao Bien restaurant in Tra Vinh
Without doubt, one of the most enjoyable evenings during our whirlwind tour of the Khmer provinces in the Mekong Delta last October, was a dinner engagement with two young ladies, both in their early 20s, in the town of Tra Vinh. At random I stopped and asked a passer-by whether there were any good restaurants in town and the stranger, who turned out to be the lovely Tuyen, responded back with almost perfect English and suggested one on the outskirts of the town center. Not one to miss an opportunity for good conversation, I invited her to join Tim and myself and to bring a friend along as well. Thus, we then spent the next four hours with Tuyen and Huyen, both of whom were studying English full-time, at the Sao Bien restaurant, ordering a selection of local delicacies as well as finding out about life in Tra Vinh and Vietnam in general. They nicknamed themselves Tra Vinh's lovely girls and I wasn't going to argue with them. They were fun, great company and it made a nice change from looking at Tim's ugly mug over the dinner table. We left Tra Vinh early the next morning on our way to Soc Trang to continue our adventures.
With the adorable Tuyen in Tra Vinh

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