Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Housing the environment

Meta House is host to a series of environmental films highlighting important issues this week, beginning on Friday night at 7pm. Films on Feed The Bears, Prey Long forest, the Cardamoms and the elephant with the prosthetic foot, Chhouk, all get an airing on Friday. There are more films on the following evening and then the Globe Project wraps up on Sunday with amongst other, Tom Fawthrop's Where Have All The Fish Gone? which looks at the threat to the fish stocks in the Mekong River due to a series of hydroelectric dams due for construction. If the challenges facing the environment in Cambodia is your bag, then I'm sure you'll be looking in to see what's happening on your doorstep. Meta House, now housed opposite the Phnom Penh Center on Sothearos Boulevard, will look at disabilities and landmine issues on Thursday 21st and the other evening that caught my eye was the two films showing on Friday 29th, namely Redlight and Holly. I've never seen either of them so I'll try to get along to watch them both.

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