Saturday, April 30, 2011


Srey Thy dancing her way through the CSP set at Equinox
Equinox was rocking with the sounds of the Sixties tonight as the Cambodian Space Project came back to earth, well, Phnom Penh at least, after their recent sojourn overseas in China and the States. The leaner, meaner five-man CSP were performing at the renovated Equinox upstairs venue, larger and with an additional bar on tap, but way hotter than I recall and liable to help you shed a few pounds through the perspiration process. The crowd was a little shy when it came to exercising their dancing steps, but singer Srey Thy and the CSP boys did their best to raise the temperature with a few new tunes, picked up on their travels and which, with their back catalogue of favourites, will form the basis of their soon to be released 1st album. There were a few photographers with their smart cameras present, keen to capture the moment, and get in the way of the audience's viewing but CSP deservedly have a big name in the city these days (21 letters in all) and they are only going to get bigger. I hear they are off to Siem Reap soon for a gig or two and then next stop, England.
Rumnea showing how its done, Khmer style
Event photographer Nick Sells snapping away as Srey Thy leads the leaner 5-man Cambodian Space Project

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