Friday, April 8, 2011

Bleak future

Arrrggghhh... came home depressed that very soon there will be no trees left standing in Cambodia. Bit of an exaggeration, but the prognosis ain't good at all after listening to Allan Michaud and watching the start of the Globe Project, which featured a handful of videos at Meta House tonight. The future of Prey Long for example, the largest remaining lowland evergreen forest in the country, looks very bleak. Land concessions threaten its very existence, and of course the diversity of plant and animal life there, that is found nowhere else. You can read out more about the current situation at Prey Long here. But it doesn't make pleasant reading. I'm no tree-hugger but even I get angry when I see and hear how bad the situation is from people who know the score. Looking on the bright side, Chhouk, the young elephant, is doing remarkably well with his new prosthetic foot, as we saw in one of the videos.
On Tuesday (12 April) at Brasserie Durga near the Central Market, Dr Jean-Michel Filippi will give one of his talks, in English this time, on the Pre-Angkorian history in the Kampot region from 7am. He'll concentrate mainly on the cave temples of the area. Definitely worth listening to.
Postscript: I forgot to mention the good news. I heard on the grapevine that the proposed titanium mine that could've devastated the Chiphat eco-tourism venture in Koh Kong province has been nixed in the bud, by none other than PM Hun Sen. It seems the estimates of the wealth generation were exaggerated and the PM can become a man of the people by claiming concern for the country's natural resources and climate change.

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