Tuesday, April 5, 2011

After dark

Nick Sells' photo in the pocket guidebook; I'm signing a copy of To Cambodia With Love for Sinat
I was in a restaurant the other evening and the waitress who took my order returned to my table and pointed at a picture in one of the pocket guide booklets that you find everywhere around town. It was one of the photos that Nick Sells took during the book launch for To Cambodia With Love in January and which was gracing the pages of the Feb-Apr edition of the Phnom Penh After Dark pocket guide, which is an A-Z of what to do in Phnom Penh when the sun goes down. It has a nightlife directory, tips on safety, the latest hotspots around town and so on. Not sure what my book launch has to do with that, though the two pages of Nick's portrait photos came under the heading of People Page - On the Scene. But as its another plug for my book, I was more than happy to see it there.
I found this photo amongst the ones that Nick gave me. Half-way through my presentation my phone rang from someone who was going to be late for the launch!



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