Sunday, March 13, 2011

A wedding on home soil

My landlady Oun, her husband Bory, and the bride and groom
It's mid-day and the music has been bursting my eardrums since around 6am this morning. The reason is that one of the daughters of the family, in who's house I live, Nalux, is getting married today. So it was an early start to join the long line of guests for the procession of gift carrying, with Rumnea getting up just as early to join in. After porridge for breakfast in the middle of the road, under a giant awning, it was the usual costume changes and photo-calls for Nalux and her husband Lalune, including the part where two comedians get everyone in stitches with their comedy routine followed by the hair-cutting ceremony. It'll be lunch soon as the bride and groom sit for yet another round of photographs. So I'll take a break too until the party in a restaurant later this evening to round off the day and a half of festivities. I must say that Nalux looks completely transformed, as most Khmer brides do on their special day. No doubt her hair and appearance will change again by the time of tonight's party. And why not.
Lalune, the groom and Nalux
Proud mother and father of the bride during the hair-cutting ceremony
The parents of the happy couple behind the procession gifts
The photo advising everyone of the love match
Rumnea and my next door neighbour - both girls speak great English
Sister in law of the bride with her daughter
Rumnea showing off her own handiwork in dressmaking
Rumnea's smile is big enough for both of us

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