Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Upcoming this weekend

This Saturday (12 March), Meta House in Phnom Penh will present two sessions, showing films that involve recollections about the Khmer Rouge period of history in Cambodia. At 7pm the Royal University students present ten short documentaries in Looking Back, Looking Ahead, profiling different survivors and their stories. At 9pm, the poignant Out of the Poison Tree documentary focuses on the search for information by Thida Buth Mam about the disappearance of her father in 1975. Thida was in Phnom Penh last week, accompanying her daughter Laura Mam, the lead singer of The Like Me's band.
The night before, on Friday, the first of the brand new Chaktomuk Theatre art performances begins. This will become a regular Friday night show, allowing the dancers and performers of the Department of Performing Arts to demonstrate their talents to tourists and locals alike, something that has been missing from the Phnom Penh calendar for a long time. The show, which will include classical dance as well as a selection of folk dances, begins at 7pm on an open-air stage and costs $10 for foreigners and 10,000 riels for locals.

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