Saturday, March 5, 2011

Thick and fast

There's no stopping the roller-coaster that Srey Thy is on at the moment
The gigs are coming thick and fast. And they don't come much faster than the Cambodian Space Project who literally touched down from their tour of Australia, played a gig at Equinox last night and are off again to Hong Kong, China and the USA without hardly taking a breather. It was a top notch gig as well with the first floor at the bar on Street 278 packed to the rafters and everyone getting into the hot and sticky mood. Srey Thy was at her confident best, her English is improving daily and the band members who didn't make the Oz trip turned out in force for this goodbye set before a reduced membership head for their next whistle-stop gig. The band are heading over to the States to perform in a festival and are getting such a reputation across the globe that the offers are coming in from all directions. All the old favourites could be heard, those now instantly-recognizable Khmer hits from the 1960s and a few of Srey Thy's own compositions including their new starting number, Baby Ladyboy. The crowd in turn got into dance mode from the beginning and didn't stop until the band's 2nd encore. As I type this the band are blasting off on their next stop-off on the journey to world domination. Talking of domination, those strong-willed and talented girls from The Like Me's will be strutting their stuff at Koh Pich island this evening, starting at a sensibly early time of 6.30pm, courtesy of Smart Mobile and a free gig for the masses. I expect a large crowd to turn up to send the girls back the the States with their ears ringing after an incredibly successful first visit to Cambodia.
Scott and Julien dishing out the turbo power as the Spacers lift-off
Srey Thy and the band get a gig on home soil between flying around different continents

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