Friday, March 25, 2011

Side by side

Meeting with Brendan Moriarty earlier today
I enjoyed a very interesting lunchtime chat with film director Brendan Moriarty today. Brendan already has one completed film under his belt as producer/director, is in Cambodia to scope out his next movie and has a lot of other irons in other fires as well, including a story set in Angkorian times. Amazingly, he's just 22 years old and when you are that age and so full of enthusiasm, and have the right contacts, you can get things done. Which is exactly what he did when he shot The Road to Freedom in July of last year and which should be released in a few months time. Inspired by the disappearance of journalists Sean Flynn and Dana Stone in Cambodia in 1970, Moriarty, who spent some of his childhood here, shot TRTF entirely in Cambodia, particularly around Kep and Kampot, and is keeping his word to use Cambodia as the backdrop for his future productions. His next feature will be based on the Mayaguez Incident, the last official battle of the Vietnam War (or the American War if you are Vietnamese) that took place off the coast of Cambodia, with filming due later this year once the high profile cast have been finalized. Watch this space for more on his latest project as it happens.

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