Thursday, March 3, 2011

Rock da house

Wowing the big crowd at Parkway, Laura Mam & The Like Me's
Laura Mam did a great job in leading the lovely Like Me's at their Parkway gig tonight. Laura has developed an online YouTube presence in the last couple of years and it was clear that many in the 500+ audience, were aware of her and the band from that, as much as the pre-show advertising and media hype. The crowd, containing a great mix of Cambodian and expat faces, were treated to the rappers and hip hoppers of KlapYaHandz, for way too long in my view, as well as some traditional musicians and dancers from Cambodian Living Arts before the girls took to the stage, only to be met with sound issues. Quickly resolved, The Like Me's roared through their set, with Laura looking increasingly self-assured out front and leading, both in voice and with her guitar prowess. They ended with Sva Rom Monkiss which went down a storm before the audience called them back for an encore. It looked like the girls had a ball and judging by the number of excitable fans waiting for them after the show, their popularity is guaranteed. A free concert at Koh Pich on Saturday should add a further stamp of approval to that. The lateness of their arrival on stage was an issue as a few members of the audience had left for home before they finished their set, this is Cambodia afterall, and just two or three songs from the rappers would've been sufficient in my opinion.
Laura in situ at Parkway
The girls take a bow after their final song
After-gig photo call for the band and their tour party security crew, plus an extra

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