Sunday, March 13, 2011

Party to finish

A light-hearted moment as Bory takes the microphone at tonight's party. His wife and my landlady, Oun is standing next to him, with Nalux and Lalune next to her.
All Khmer weddings have an evening party to round off the festivities and allow the friends and families of the happy couple to let their hair down. Tonight was no different for newlyweds Nalux and Lalune as they were joined by a few hundred of their nearest and dearest at a restaurant in the center of the city. As is the usual course of events at these parties, the food arrives once all the places at a table have been filled, it keeps coming until about half a dozen or more courses have been consumed, though for the men its more a point of consuming as much Johnnie Walker Red Label whisky as they can, clinking glasses and getting redder in the face by the minute. Most of the ladies present sit demurely and watch as the men stand up, shout at each other, as presumably whisky deadens their hearing, and gulp down more Red Label and a few cans of beers. The happy couple whizzed around the tables thanking everyone for coming and receiving small red envelopes in return, containing donations to their wedding fund, there was the usual aisle-walk into a hail of confetti and flower petals before announcements and cake cutting preceded the dancing. I stayed for a quick madizon, a form of line dancing, and then headed home. Considering there was a marquee, tables and chairs and a small restaurant for most of the day, there was nothing left at all by the time I returned home. I had to pinch myself that a wedding had taken place in my house at all that day.
The radiant Nalux with two of her attendants
Nalux and Lalune walk down the aisle of confetti and flower petals
A face in the crowd: Rumnea in the center wearing white and pink

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